One Earth, One Sea, One Sky 

O Radiant Dawn James Macmillan 


Les Fleurs et les Arbres Camille Saint-Saëns

What a Wonderful World Bob Thiele and George David Weiss


Coral Cacophony (from Ocean World) Peter Rose and Anne Conlon

sung by Great Chesterford Primary Academy students


Poem: The World is Too Much With Us (read by Jonathan Bayly) William Wordsworth


Three Shakespeare Songs Ralph Vaughan Williams

Full Fathom Five (from The Tempest)

The Cloud-capp’d Towers (from The Tempest)

Over Hill Over Dale (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream)


Fairest Isle (from King Arthur) Henry Purcell


The Oak and the Ash traditional song arr. John Earwaker

Innsbruck ich muss dich lassen Heinrich Isaac


Leave them a flower Wally Whyton 

sung by Great Chesterford Primary Academy students



Leave them a flower, some grass and a hedgerow

A hill and a valley, a view to the sea,

These things are not ours to destroy as we want to

A gift given once for eternity.




Dance the Seven Seas Sarah Cattley


Three movements from Sea Tongue words by Kevin Crossley-Holland, music by Janet Wheeler

I am the Bell 

We are the dead

I am the Cliff


Westerly from On the Breath of the Sky words by Nick Warburton, music by Janet Wheeler


Superstore (from Yanomamo!) Peter Rose and Anne Conlon

sung by Great Chesterford Primary Academy students


Poem: Divorce Proceedings (read by Jonathan Bayly) Nadia Lines


Hiver vous n’êtes qu’un villain (from Trois Chansons) Claude Debussy

Stormy Weather Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler





Conductor – Janet Wheeler

Piano – Richard Carr

Singers from Great Chesterford Primary Academy – director Kathryn Middleton

Readings – Jonathan Bayly


Granta Chorale

Sopranos: Sarah Cattley, Catherine Davis, Charlotte Diggins, Sue Flynn, Alison Hall, Emma Hall, Pauline Haslam, Frances Howard, Catherine Mowat

Altos:  Anita Armitage, Pascale Fowell, Rosemary Harrison, Judith Hasler, 

Kerstin Howe, Diana Hoy

Tenors: Jake Humbles, John Howard, John Luke, Andy Pierce

Basses: Jonathan Bayly, Andrew Bruce, Nigel Hall, Tim Ham, Mark Norman, Philip Parker


The proceeds from this evening will be shared by All Saints’ Church, Great Chesterford and Granta Chorale, with a donation also going to EDEN REFORESTATION PROJECTS. There will be an additional opportunity to contribute to the project at the end of the concert.


Granta Chorale future concerts and events


Thursday December 12th, 8pm

A Christmas Garland

Chapel of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

with a collection in aid of Jimmy’s Night Shelter


Friday January 2nd, 7.30pm

A New Year Garland 

St Mary’s Church Newport

with a collection in aid of Jimmy’s Night Shelter


Saturday March 14th, 7.30pm

Choral Inspirations

Saffron Hall

a Granta Chorale concert partnered with Sonoro Chamber Choir 


Saturday March 14th, 2-5pm

Choral Inspirations Workshop

Saffron Hall

for singers, led by Neil Ferris and Joanna Tomlinson

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